Rotary Valve

a rotary valve is used to regulate the flow of a product, usually to reduce the flow rate to a level more suitable to the process being undertaken. Typical applications are for feeding a weighed hopper or for feeding a mill that can be clogged by the product.

Airlock type rotary valve is often used to enter or extract material from two chambers with different pressure level.

A rotary valve in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry is used to dose and feed solid bulk products within the processes.

EMF pile turner (Flippo)

for medium and large sized printing companies who would like to increase shop productivity.

Flippo is the easiest way to flip paper pile to easily access each paper and removing defected ones.

Bag Opener

First machine on Solid Waste Sorting line which opens municipal waste bags extracting products to be sort out of them .

Car shredder

A huge machine with 2000 HP motors shredding old cars extracting ferrometals shredded parts out of it with magnetic separators.


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